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The FSN/FUSE LP-token acts as a governance token for the FREEMOON faucet. If you really want to get involved, you should actively vote and come with ideas on what to vote about. This governance is also quite unique, because voting is actually rewarded. 


So, what exactly is there to govern over? The odds for winning FMN is preset and out of anyones control, this is something that nobody will be able to change once it gets going. But there were 10 FMN in initial supply that are dedicated to governance.

1. These 10 (now only 3 remain) FMN are ruled by holders of FSN/FUSE who decide what will happen to them. (4 of these have already been voted to be put into liquidity, 1 has been voted to be given to those who engage in voting, 1 was given to Paddy Cure, who built everything, 1 was given to those who TF CHNG in order to spread the asset among Chainge users).

2. Should the subscription fee wallet that collects 1 FSN for every address that subscribes grow significantly so that it holds large amounts of FSN, than these funds will be considered under FSN/FUSE control too and holders decide how they will be best used (5000 FSN was voted to be used to build the current farming/minting system and also an ability to run FREE bots on VPS. FSN was also voted to be used to buy FREE and airdrop it together with FSN in a traditional airdrop, which drew over 20 000 people. Other votes have specified the building of alternative Chainge DEX UI, salvage DEX and a new v2 DEX on Fusion, without specifying budgets for it. It has also been voted that 1000 FSN/month be given to maintanance of FSNEX as a form of charity).

3. FSN/FUSE holders will hold control over the "flow of FREE". For example, if FREE becomes a threat to the network, making it too expensive to use, then a vote can be held to slow down or even turn off FREE claims (but it'd still be possible to try to win FMN every hour. This can't be altered). So to sum up, FREE rates can be slowed down or halted, but the chance to win FMN can't be stopped. (Here it has been voted that there will be "FREE halvings", in a manner where instead of getting 1 FREE every hour it will slow down to an extent where you eventually only get 1 FREE every 24 hours. Such a halving has yet to be reached).


To vote you must hold FUSE (the token contract 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a) in LP.


There exists a constitution that governs how votes should be set up and executed. Currently it looks like this:

Governance of FUSE
1. Voting power over strategic decisions or goals regarding the future of the FUSE
currency (contract: 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a, on the Fusion
Blockchain chain ID: 0x7f93) is held by LP providers of FUSE).
2. An address containing 100 FSN/FUSE or more in LP is to be considered a “Fusionite”. A
“Fusionite” may be rewarded if they perform votes, if the voting contract of the
particular vote specifies that Fusionites are to somehow be rewarded.
3. A vote proposal should always contain these elements: A. The time for the proposal
needs to be 7 days or more. B. The vote should always only have these three
options: “Yes”, “No” and “Indifferent”.
4. An address containing 10 000 FSN/FUSE or more is to be considered a “FUSE
whale”. A “FUSE whale” will not be rewarded for voting but will have the power to
create a valid proposal for voting without the approval of anyone else. Addresses
closely tied with a “FUSE whale” such that it is obvious they are controlled by the
same person will also be excluded both from voting results (unless they vote
“indifferent”) and voting awards. Proposals created by “FUSE whales” can be
anything and should be honored to the extent it is possible if passed. “FUSE whales”
should vote with the option “Indifferent” on proposals they create themselves. This is
the way in which the vote is validated. “Fusionites” may also create vote proposals,
but these are only to be considered valid if a “FUSE whale” votes with the option
“Indifferent” in order to validate the vote. The vote would also need to have been set
up according to all above rules to be considered valid.
5. For a vote to be considered valid, a minimum of 40% of all FSN/FUSE must have
taken part (“FUSE whale” voting counts towards this 40% only if they voted with the
option “indifferent”).
6. As long as no future vote changes this rule. The first 20 “Fusionites” to vote in a
proposal (including this one) will be awarded 0.001 FMN if it is passed.

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