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Successful sources of passive income that can aid in the quest to buy and burn FREE.

Let's face it: it's going to be tough to get FREE to keep value over time with so much new FREE entering circulation every day. It might need some help to make it possible. Therefore there will be a level of monthly buy and burns. Any sources that aim to buy and burn a minimum of 5000 USD worth of FREE/year will be considered part of the FREE alliance. Initially Fusion and Chainge are part of this alliance, but we hope to pick up more, once we're going, and if so we'll actively advertise them.

A project that wants to join the FREE alliance and dedicate money to burn $FREE will also get more generous $FREE rewards for their token in the mints and farms under the "Earn" tab.

This addition is in case any project desires to join the "FREE Alliance" and comits to burn at least 5000 USD worth of $FREE/year. They will have the right to get a boost in the minting rewards of their token. This boost is as follows: FSN/XXX will get upgraded to the 20% level, FREE/XXX will get upgraded to the 15% level and if desired an FMN/XXX pair can be added which gets a 30% level.



10% of the FSN produced by the node responsible for minting FREE and picking up TL FSN in the process, will be used to buy and burn FREE in burnt liquidity against FSN.



Chainge may provide a number of different sources of passive income that could put FREE or FMN in burnt liquidity against USDT and CHNG and further build liquidity with FMN against BTC.

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