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Subscribe and Claim FREE, however much you want.


For just 1 FSN, you get a lifetime subscription to the FREEMOON Faucet and can claim FREE once every hour. You may subscribe however many addresses you want and all of them can claim 1 FREE every hour. Visit to get going. You currently need to connect through Metamask but we also intend to integrate a Chainge Magic Button hook-up or other method to connevt with a Chainge Finance wallet. If visiting with Metamask mobile version, you need to be connected to Ethereum when first visiting, and switch  the network to Fusion after entry. Network details and token contracts can be added automatically @ but you can also find all the neccessary network details @

In order to set up your wallet properly to start using the FREEMOON faucet, we can reccomend reading this and in general will be your best source of information in handling your wallet on Fusion. is a very useful page to keeping your token contracts up to date.

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