Money on Tap

What if there was a way to just claim money, however much you wanted, over and over again? 

With cryptocurrency that is easy, so start claiming some FREE and let's find out what happens next together.



The FREEMOON faucet can give out two currencies to its subscribers. FREE and FREEMOON. Every time you claim you will get 1 FREE, but the more FREE you have the higher chance you will have to also get a FREEMOON (FMN), though the chance of this happening is extremely rare.


Claim 1 every hour

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With loads of FREE, your chance to score the very rare FMN increases.

Below odds, represent the chance of winning the first FMN, but every consecutive FMN will be 10% tougher.

  • 0 to 1 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 0 chance of 1 FMN 

  • 1 to 100 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in a billion chance of 1 FMN 

  • 100 to 1000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 100 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 1000 to 10 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 10 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 10 000 to 25 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 1 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 25 000 to 50 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 500 000 chance of 1 FMN

  • 50 000 to 100 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 250 000 chance of 1 FMN

  • 100 000 FREE or more in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 100 000 chance of 1 FMN 



Subscribe and Claim FREE, however much you want.

For just 1 FSN, you get a lifetime subscription to the FREEMOON Faucet and can claim FREE once every hour. You may subscribe however many addresses you want and all of them can claim 1 FREE every hour. Visit to get going. You currently need to connect through Metamask but we also intend to integrate a Chainge Magic Button hook-up. If visiting with Metamask mobile version, you need to be connected to Ethereum when first visiting, and switch  the network to Fusion after entry. Network details and token contracts can be added automatically @ but you can also find all the neccessary network details @



If you really want to claim a lot of FREE, you should seek to start up some bots to claim FREE for you! FREEMOON faucet has made this easy for anyone to even the playing field between technically apt people and less technically apt people. So, if you want to run 1, 10, 100 or even 1000 bots or more, that claims FREE for you every hour as long as you provide them with enough gas, it is easy to get going. This is probably the most effective way to hunt the next FREEMOON.



Why give out money for FREE, does it serve any purpose and does it really have any value?


Every time a FREE is claimed it will require a transaction on the Fusion Blockchain. We believe that 1 FREE will be able to worth at least as much as 1 transaction on the Fusion blockchain, regardless of how expensive these eventually become. Let's find out if this theory is true!

Initially FREE will have value because it'll be backed by the most successful cryptocurrency yet, BTC! The initial liquidity will consist of 1 BTC and 100 million FREE (which will be the only ones that exist, before claiming begins). 1 FREE is thus worth 1 sat, initially. This liquidity will be 100% burnt and owned by no one (meaning we're sacrificing 1 full BTC in order to see this become reality). This initial liquidity will run on Chainge DEX on the Fusion Blockchain and will be the first coin to use Chainge as a launchpad.

We of course hope 1 FREE can sustain a higher value than this, and if a few people buy FREE on its launch in order to have an advantage in winning the first FREEMOONs this is possible. Early buyers will have a very big advantage in scoring the first FMNs, which also are the easiest to win (since each new one gets 10% tougher).

Further, if FREE claiming becomes really popular, it'll begin to increase the cost of Fusion transactions through gas wars, so that they potentially become more expensive than 1 sat.

As addresses subscribe to the faucet, they need to pay the 1 FSN subscription fee. These fees are used to fund the gas needed for airdrops and for a gas faucet that helps new users to the network with their first transaction.

If the fees begin to add up, it can potentially also serve as a budget to further the network even more.

We also believe that FMN can become a highly desirable and sought after asset, given that it'll get more difficult to win every time. And we will do what we can to get FMN listed on centralized exchanges, other networks, DEXes and various crypto sites (Coingecko, CMC, etc).



Even if you don't want to run bots or actively claim FREE yourself, we'll give out FREE daily airdrops to big hodlers of other important tokens in the Fusion Ecosystem. The gas for these airdrops are funded by the subscription fees, so in order to get them you also need to subscribe to the faucet.


The FSN/FUSE LP-token has governance power over the FREEMOON faucet, therefore holders can get 1 FREE/day for each 100 FSN/FUSE that they have.


50 000 CHNG

Chainge.Finance will be the platform where FREE and FMN launch, and it's possible FREE and FMN liquidity providers will receive CHNG rewards, therefore holders of 50 000 CHNG or more can get 1 FREE/day for every 50 000 CHNG they hold.


10 000 ANY

AnySwap has provided the governance system for FSN/FUSE that the FREEMOON faucet will utilize for governance, therefore holders of 10 000 ANY or more  can get 1 FREE/day for every 10 000 ANY they hold.



FSN is the gas that runs the Fusion Blockchain and it's used by every protocol that runs on Fusion and by every user using it. One of the goals  of the FREEMOON faucet is to drive up the gas usage, but due to technical reasons we could not add airdrops for FSN. FSN holders that want airdrop, are reccomended to get some FSN/FUSE, which includes FSN and is the most generous airdrop.



If you want a lot of FREE fast without paying for it, minting FREE with the time value of your FSN will be the absolutely fastest way to do it. (We intend to make minting with TL FSN possible as soon as we figure out how to best do it on mainnet. But it is currently not.)


You can 1. Claim FREE, either yourself or through bots. 2. Buy FREE on the market on Chainge DEX. 3. Get FREE through airdrops if you subscribe your big holding adresses to the faucet. 4. Mint FREE with 4 month TL-FSN slices.


If you're unfamiliar with Fusion you may not know what these are, but FSN can be divided into parts in time, and by giving up 4 months of ownership you'll be able to mint 50 FREE with each such FSN-slice. This can be a fast way to get quite a lot of FREE and after 4 months you'll still have full FSN again. This is one of many ways to extract value from your FSN.


The collection of TL-FSN goes to a node, and initially the goal of this node is to regain all the costs associated with building the FREEMOON faucet, funding the initial liquidity and some buyback and burns. It's a source of income for the founder, and it is the only one, since the subscription fees are strictly non-profit.



The FSN/FUSE LP-token acts as a governance token for the FREEMOON faucet. If you really want to get involved, you should actively vote and come with ideas on what to vote about. This governance is also quite unique, because voting is actually rewarded.


So, what exactly is there to govern over? The odds for winning FMN is preset and out of anyones control, this is something that nobody will be able to change once it gets going. But there will be 10 FMN in initial supply.

1. These 10 FMN are ruled by holders of FSN/FUSE who decide what will happen to them.

2. Should the subscription fee wallet that collects 1 FSN for every address that subscribes grow significantly so that it holds large amounts of FSN, than these funds will be considered under FSN/FUSE control too and holders decide how they will be best used.

3. FSN/FUSE holders will hold control over the "flow of FREE". For example, if FREE becomes a threat to the network, making it too expensive to use, then a vote can be held to slow down or even turn off FREE claims (but it'd still be possible to try to win FMN every hour. This can't be altered). So to sum up, FREE rates can be slowed down or halted, but the chance to win FMN can't be stopped.


Voting is done  here and to vote you must hold FUSE in liquidity with FSN on the Fusion version of AnySwap. To accomplish this you must use Metamask or Ledger and connect to Fusion through AnySwap, buy FUSE and add it into liquidity with your FSN. If you already have FUSE you simply need to connect with the wallet where you have it. Moving FUSE between wallets can be done with Metamask (by adding the token contract 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a) or Dopamine.

There exists a constitution that governs how votes should be set up and executed. Currently it looks like this:

Governance of FUSE
1. Voting power over strategic decisions or goals regarding the future of the FUSE
currency (contract: 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a, on the Fusion
Blockchain chain ID: 0x7f93) is held by LP providers of FUSE who hold FSN/FUSE
(contract: 0xe96ac326ecea1a09ae6e47487c5d8717f73d5a7e, on the Fusion
Blockchain, chain ID: 0x7f93).
2. An address containing 100 FSN/FUSE or more is to be considered a “Fusionite”. A
“Fusionite” may be rewarded if they perform votes, if the voting contract of the
particular vote specifies that Fusionites are to somehow be rewarded.
3. A vote proposal should always contain these elements: A. The time for the proposal
needs to be 7 days or more. B. The “snapshot block” should be set at least 30 000
blocks into the future from the start of the block, but never so long into the future that
it happens after the end of the vote. C. The vote should always only have these three
options: “Yes”, “No” and “Indifferent”.
4. An address containing 10 000 FSN/FUSE or more is to be considered a “FUSE
whale”. A “FUSE whale” will not be rewarded for voting but will have the power to
create a valid proposal for voting without the approval of anyone else. Addresses
closely tied with a “FUSE whale” such that it is obvious they are controlled by the
same person will also be excluded both from voting results (unless they vote
“indifferent”) and voting awards. Proposals created by “FUSE whales” can be
anything and should be honored to the extent it is possible if passed. “FUSE whales”
should vote with the option “Indifferent” on proposals they create themselves. This is
the way in which the vote is validated. “Fusionites” may also create vote proposals,
but these are only to be considered valid if a “FUSE whale” votes with the option
“Indifferent” in order to validate the vote. The vote would also need to have been set
up according to all above rules to be considered valid.
5. For a vote to be considered valid, a minimum of 40% of all FSN/FUSE must have
taken part (“FUSE whale” voting counts towards this 40% only if they voted with the
option “indifferent”).
6. As long as no future vote changes this rule. The first 20 “Fusionites” to vote in a
proposal (including this one) will be awarded 5 ANY (from address:
0x34b82b5e32068dc238c9814c64c889edffa33287) if it is passed.


Though later on votes may be about control of the flow of FREE and funding of completely new ideas funded by subscribed FSN; the majority of votes, at least initially, will likely constitute what to do with the 10 initial FMN. Should they be awarded to builders? Replace ANY as a reward for voters? Put into burnt liquidity on Fusion and maybe on other chains too? Used in an attempt to fund a CEX listing? Be used to buy and burn FREE? Or something else? There's 10 FMN to rule over, perhaps each one should only be used for a single purpose, so no vote rules over more than 1.



Successful sources of passive income that can aid in the quest to buy and burn FREE.

Let's face it: it's going to be tough to get FREE to keep value over time with so much new FREE entering circulation every day. It might need some help to make it possible. Therefore there will be a level of monthly buy and burns. Any sources that aim to buy and burn a minimum of 5000 USD worth of FREE/year will be considered part of the FREE alliance. Initially Fusion and Chainge are part of this alliance, but we hope to pick up more, once we're going, and if so we'll actively advertise them.



10% of the FSN produced by the node responsible for minting FREE and picking up TL FSN in the process, will be used to buy and burn FREE in burnt liquidity against FSN.



Chainge may provide a number of different sources of passive income that could put FREE or FMN in burnt liquidity against USDT and CHNG and further build liquidity with FMN against BTC.



We're already a few people actively working on making this reality, but are open to having more involved. Only those who already began to make meaningful contributions will be on here.



Concept, funding, web design



Smart contract developer and github manager



Social Media Manager



Logo Design



Market Advisor



Technical Advisor